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Welcome to the Team Trailblazer web page. We hope that you are ready for a challenging, engaging, and exciting year.

Transitioning to a new school and having six new teachers can be worrisome for many of you.

We urge you to help your child be over-organized as this can be the key to success at this grade level. Take the time to go over his/her daily schedules each morning and to check their assignment book every evening.


We believe in maintaining a learning environment based on cooperation and mutual respect. We have four rules, and we recommend that all four rules be followed by both our students and ourselves.

Be safe!

Be courteous!

Do your best!

Gum is prohibited!

These four rules are in addition to all school rules.


Character Counts

Team Trailblazer believes that character does count. Each student and teacher will be expected to follow the six pillars of character. Those six pillars include: