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Welcome to the Seneca Ridge Intramurals Page
The after school activities and intramurals for the 2013-2014 school year are forming as we speak!  Activities end at 4:20 pm and activity busses are available for a ride home.  An actvitiy/permission form is required for participation.
At this time, we are offering the following:
Soccer-Main Gym-Ms. Lowrey
Student Activities Council-A4-Ms.Larriva
Robotics Club-E1-Ms. Allen-Williams
Math Olympiad-B3-Ms. Parry Starting Oct.28th
Cartooning Club-Art 2-Ms. Yow
Newspaper Club-B-11-Ms. O'Grady and Ms. Ihara
Jazz Band-Band Room-Ms. Horback and Ms. Smith
       Running Club-A5-Mr.Bell  
FITTness and Games Club-Main Gym-Mr. Ellingsen
Boys TAP (The Achievement Project)-B13-Mr.Souther        
Flag Football-A5-Mr. Bell
Basketball-Main Gym-Ms. Carter
Naturalists Club-C4-Mr. Peck
Rocket Club-Tech Ed-Mr. Reyns
Dance Club-Aux Gym-Ms. McChesney