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Bennett Lacy  
The most turbulent time in an individual's life is that period between the ages of eleven and fourteen, when tremendous physical and emotional changes occur. As the pre-adolescent searches for an identity and strives to establish peer relationships, it is incumbent upon the school to nurture them through this transition. To that end, a rich, child-centered curriculum will provide each student with an opportunity for exploration and success.
For students coming from a small elementary setting, the middle school can be very imposing. To diminish this concern, we use a school within a school concept, whereby each child is housed in a grade specific pod. There, students will be organized into teams where they will receive interdisciplinary instruction in the core academic areas, leaving only for keyboarding, music, unified arts and physical education. To complete the offering, a comprehensive guidance department will counsel each child in all aspects of student life.
Bennett P. Lacy, Principal      
Last Modified on September 2, 2011