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Pictured above:
Front Row (from left to right): Mrs. Elsie Parrilla, Ms. Molly Woolcock, Mrs. Mandy
Reiner (Dept. Chair), Ms. Kiera Poplawski, Ms. Kaitlyn Simmons
Second Row (from left to right):  Ms. Alison Morgan, Mrs. Alina Marsh, Mr. Jeff Marsh,
Mr. Aaron Shell, Mr. David Pruden
Third Row (from left to right):   Mr. Pete Randall, Mrs. Donna King, Mr. Mike Neuser,
Mr.Nick Balanc, Mr. Erik Hazelwood

The mission of the Mathematics Department is to provide each student with the mathematical skills needed to function effectively in today's society. To achieve this goal, the department offers opportunities in basic computational skills, consumer knowledge, the use of critical thinking, and the value of logical thinking. These experiences develop skills which are necessary to prepare the student to continue his education, gain employment and be a responsible consumer.

This page is intended to be a student resource for Mathematics related links on the internet. It will also keep students informed about events within the Mathematics Department.

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