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ELL Department
Pictured above from left to right:
Front row:  Mrs. Cynthia Ross (Dept. Chair), Mrs. Mingly Caminero, Mrs. Satchiko Tomomatsu, 
Ms. Rachel Gall, Ms. Caroline Murray, Mr. Vladimir Moya
2nd row:  Ms. Tasha Childs, Mr. Steve Balach, Mr. Aaron Kesselring, Mrs. Maria Clemens, 
Ms. Hanaa Juma, Ms. Kasee Gent

The ELL Program at Park View High School serves nearly 20% of the total school population. Our staff includes eight teachers and nine teacher assistants. Park View has the largest population of ELL students in Loudoun County. Our students currently represent 19 languages and even greater number of dialects and cultures: Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Bengali, Urdu, Mandarin, Korean, Farsi, Punjabi, Cambodian/Khmer, Thai, Lao, Tagalog, Ga, Krio, Gujarati, Twi, Albanian, and French.  There is even greater diversity in language and culture throughout Loudoun County Public Schools:  Of the nearly 5,000 ELL students enrolled in grades K-12, 89 languages other than English are represented.

With this ever-growing population, we are constantly striving to better meet the needs of our English language learners. Course offerings include three levels of English for Speakers of Other Languages, ELL Math, Beginning and Advanced Science Concepts, Beginning and Advanced Social Studies Concepts, Developmental Reading, and ELL Writing. While beginning students spend the majority of their day in these classes, intermediate and advanced students are mainstreamed to fulfill graduation requirements. All our curricula are designed to help students develop skills and content knowledge necessary for success in mainstream SOL-level classes; ELL students are expected to be prepared to take SOL tests after one calendar year of residence in the U.S.

This is the second year for Virginia's implementation of the World-Class Instructional Design & Assessment (WIDA) standards and goals and the ACCESS Test. 21 states have now joined the WIDA Consortium.  These standards hold ELL students accountable for both English language and content vocabulary, similar to standards in place in general education classes.  For more information, please contact the ELL staff or visit the links below.

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