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English Department

Pictured above from left fo right
Front Row: Mrs. Liz Driggers, Mrs. Tanuel Fissmer, Mr. Phil Rosenthal (Dept. Chair)
Mr. Steve Barham
Second Row:  Ms. Mary Beth Gayle, Ms. Megan O'Meara,  Mr. Mario Zangla
Third Row: Mrs. Meghan Pierce, Ms. Nicole Cobb, Mrs. Kristie Browne
 Fourth Row:  Mr. Larry Hinders, Mrs. Beata Bui, Ms. Melissa Vandenbussche, Mrs. Victoria Wu
 Fifth Row:  Mrs. Yvonne Morris, Mr. Steve Leckie, Ms. Sharrene Potter

2013-2014 English Department Goals:

As members of a professional community fully invested in creating the best possible learning environment, all partners of the Park View English Department will:

  • Establish and maintain high levels of professional expectations and instructional rigor in our classrooms;
  • Model respectful behavior toward students and colleagues;
  • Continue to collaborate every which way.

The English Department strives to offer students of all ability levels sufficient opportunities to develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in order to prepare them for employment or further academic education. Furthermore, the English Department emphasizes that proficiency in language arts and an appreciation of worthwhile literature contribute to an individual's ability to lead an enriched and productive life.
This page is intended to be a student resource for English and Literary related links on the internet. It will also keep students informed about events within the English Department.