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 Last year, the PTSA collected gift cards for the entire staff at Mercer.  Administration, teachers and staff were really touched by the generosity and excited to receive a small token of our appreciation for their hard work and dedication.  Since it was so well received, we would like to do it again.
1. Choose an amount that you think is appropriate. 
2. Purchase a gift card (Some teacher-preferred vendors are below). 
3. Drop it off to the House secretary at Mercer.
Cards will be divided up among the staff members equitably.
Preferred vendors are:  Starbucks, Amazon, Subway, Trader Joe's, Chik-fil-a, Michael's, AC Moore, SpaWish, Target, Marshall's, HomeGoods, Moe's, Harris Teeter, and gas stations and other local businesses.
In advance we sincerely thank you for your generosity and thoughfulness!
Please click the link below and consider helping us with our special teacher breakfast! 
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