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Health Requirements:

Please check the Loudoun County Public School's Home Page information regarding your child's immunizations.


Substance Abuse Signs

The .pdf document provides more information and where you can get assistance.


Special Education Advisory Committee

The Special Education Advisory Committe Meets monthly at the CLSP Admin.Building.  The attached .pdf gives more information.


Attendance Policy for Loudoun County Public Schools:

All schools get a report card under the No Child Left Behind Law. Part of our grade is doctor writing a notebased on attendance. This is why we have become more proactive about investigating excessive absences. Please, encourage your child to attend on a regular basis. If your child is ill and you take him to the doctor, bring us a physician’s note.


The staff reviews absences on a monthly basis. If doctor’s notes have not been received, we send letters and make phone calls to check on the situation. If the absences seem to be excessive, the Loudoun County Attendance Officer becomes involved. At that point, a doctor’s note will be required or the absences are considered unexcused. After seven unexcused absences, the Attendance Officer can notify the court and file charges.


If you have any questions or you would like to discuss attendance issues, please call your child’s dean.



Available list of tutors through LCPS