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teacher at computerTechnology Integration is an important area in students' lives.  As they progress with their academic skills, they are faced with the constant need to be able to utilize technology in their educational journeys.  Loudoun County continues to support these needs.
The first line of technology instruction is from their classroom teachers, which is supported, in turn, by the Technology Resource Teacher and Technology Assistant.  Each school in Loudoun is assigned one TRT and, depending on the size of the school, one or more Technology Assistants. 
The Technology Assistants learn the programs installed at each school and work in the computer labs with the teachers, helping students on the lesson being taught.  These valuable assistants also do equipment trouble-shooting throughout the building and assist both teachers and students with various program issues.
The part time Technology Assistant at Blue Ridge is Susan Young.  The TRT is Marnie Hawk.
Loudoun's Instructional Technology Plans can be found under the Academic section of the Loudoun County Public Schools' main web page.