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Health and Physical Education
Department Head:

Department Members:

McGrath, Daniel  - 9th Grade; Adv. PE-Competitive; Adv.PE - WT/Conditioning; BTW
Phillips, Jamie - 9th Grade; 10th Grade
Phillips, Joyce - 10th Grade; Adv.PE-Lifetime Fitness Competitive,; BTW        
Sheppard, Logan - 9th Grade; Adv. PE-Competitive; Adv. PE-Outdoor Ed; BTW
Thurston, Kristin  - 10th Grade; BTW
Wolfe, Greg - Adaptive PE
2013-2014 Freshmen, Sophomores and Advanced PE Students
PE uniforms will be on sale for $8.75 (shorts $6 and t-shirt $2.75) through one of the teachers in the PE department.  Students wear  uniforms every day of class for HPE10, and Advanced PE.  Your uniforms are the same for all schools, so they are recyclable 
Based on legislation § 22.1-205 in the Code of Virginia, Driver Education programs in Planning District 8 (Northern VA) must require the parent or guardian and the teen driver to attend a  90-minute parent/student driver education component included as part of the in-classroom portion of the driver education curriculum. 
If you fail to attend one of these meetings, the Driver Education classroom grade will be recorded as “I” (Incomplete) on the report card, the student cannot be issued a Driver Education Classroom Completion card (DEC-1), or a Temporary Driver’s License. 
Mandatory attendance for any student under age 19 prior to taking Behind-the-Wheel. Meetings are held from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. Doors are LOCKED AT 7:05 to comply with voting District 8 mandated time.  One parent attends one meeting at any school with their sophomore, junior, and/or senior.  Dates/Times are listed on Main Website
FOR A pdf copy of the "45-Hour Parent/Teen Driving Guide", please go to
www.doe.virginia/gov then to "For Students and Parents" on the left side ribbon; scroll  to Other Resources, select Driver Education's 45-Hour Parent/Teen Driving Guide.
Parents - LOST AND FOUND!  Are your students missing coats, shoes, or t-shirts?  Items are always collecting in the Lost and Found Box outside the Women's PE Office.  When discovered, more valuable items are kept in one of the PE Teacher's offices for safekeeping.  Please have your students check. 
Items are sent to charity every two weeks.


           School Year 2013 - 2014

Parents and Driver Education Students:

The following information will be sent home with all sophomores during Seminar on October 9, 2013.  This information will be reviewed in class, and is available on the website, for all sophomores, juniors, and seniors wishing to take Behind-the-Wheel.    It is also available in the Main Office for all students.

Behind-the-Wheel Information :   TO SIGN-UP EARLY FOR BEHIND-THE-WHEEL, students who currently have an A or B in Driver Education, already have their permits, and already have attended the Partners for Safe Driving Workshop, may ask their teacher for a permission slip to request the paperwork for Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) with LCPS from the Main Office, starting November 11, 2013.   These students only may begin BTW instruction early. **All other students must wait until after the final driver education exam IN JANUARY to go the Main Office for their paperwork. 


**All students must attend the District 8 Mandatory Parent/Teen Safe Driving Workshop with one parent.  These dates are listed on our HPE website, our School website, and our County website.  We have also listed them on the reverse of this information student.


 If you wish your student to take Behind-the-Wheel with LCPS:

  • Students bring that paperwork home to be completely filled out, and return it to the office with their check for $195.00 made out to the County of Loudoun.  
  • **NOTE:  if parents pay online – registration paperwork must still be turned in to the Main Office.
  • After the paperwork is processed by the Assistant Principal, your student becomes officially registered and is placed on a waiting list for the Behind-the-wheel instructors at this school. 

 The driving sessions will begin for the student when they are next in line.  They are contacted by their BTW Instructor.  Their “45-hour logs” must be completed, with at least 15 hours of night driving prior to their receiving their TDL-180 (Temporary Provisional Driver’s license lasting 180 days).    Driving time with the BTW instructor does not count towards their log time.  They will drive a total of 7 actual driving sessions (minimum 50 minutes each), and 7 observation sessions (minimum 50 minutes each), paired with the same other student in the car.  The 7th and final session is the road test for both students, at which time they will earn their TDL-180 from their BTW Instructor, if they have demonstrated the necessary skills.  Upon passing, this is when they can drive by themselves, and they will now need insurance.

If you wish your student to take Behind-the-Wheel with a private/commercial company

If a student wishes to go with a commercial/private company, they go to the Main Office to request their “green card” (form DEC-01) and bring the copy of their parent/teen safe driving workshop certificate.  The office can usually have the DEC-01 ready in 1-2 days.  They then present their DEC-01 to the commercial/private company.

Rules For both LCPS and Commercial

Upon completing and passing Behind-the-Wheel, students will receive a letter from the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, stating when they are to be in attendance at the Licensing Ceremony – a court date.  They must appear with at least one parent, be dressed appropriately, and stay for the entire court session.  At that time, they receive their driver’s license – with parental consent, of course.  This ceremony is always held at Heritage High School, at 4:45pm, on the 3rd Thursday of each month (except July).  Students 18 and over do not have to attend the licensing ceremony.


We hope this answers a few questions you may have.  Please do not hesitate to contact us,, or

or, with any further questions.
Joyce M. Phillips, HPE Department Chair, Teacher, BTW Instructor  
Kristin Thurston, HPE 10 Teacher, BTW Instructor
Jamie Phillips, HPE 10 Teacher


**Check out these Nutrition Information Websites:
Lots of great articles from "Eatright" ,American Dietetic Organization":

How many calories will I burn while walking?
You will burn approximately 1 calorie for every twenty steps you take. With that in mind, here are the approximate step equivalents for a few common foods: a cracker (400 steps); 10 French fries (2,000 steps); 12oz. soda (3,020 steps); 1.75oz. chocolate bar (5,340 steps); pizza slice (6,900 steps); 44oz soda (12,000 steps); super-sized burger meal (35,080 steps).