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Hello Parents!  My name is Anna Mitchum and I am the Parent Liaison at Loudoun County High. 
The main purpose of a Parent Liaison is to serve as a bridge between school and home, increasing the communication between Loudoun County High administration, staff and you as a parent.  The primary role of the Parent Liaison is to empower parents to become active participants in the education of their children. Targeted are those parents who: need help in determining how best to help their children; are infrequent participants in school activities; may need clarification of their role in the educational process; need assistance in making connections and accessing services; associate schools with past negative experiences.
I am here to provide you with whatever information, help or support you and your child may need throughout the school year to ensure your child’s success, both academically and socially.   Some specific ways I can do this are listed below:

1.        Information

·                    I can provide you with a personal tour of the school and explain the programs and resources available to you and your child.  Tours are available to new and returning parents.

·                    I can discuss some of the ways you can be more involved with school.

·                    I can answer questions you may have about school rules and regulations and any concerns you might have with LCHS.

2.    Conferences

·                    Working closely with the guidance counselors, I can help arrange meetings between you and your child’s teachers or the administration, so that important information about your child is shared and understood.

·                    At your request, I can accompany you to a parent conference or other important meetings at LCHS to help clarify information about your child or home situation.

·                    I can help you arrange for an interpreter if you need to communicate in your own language.
3.       Special Help and Services - I can find out who you need to call or where you need to go to get help or services for your child or family.
     These are just a few of the ways I can be of service to you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at 571-252-2000. If you'd rather contact me by e-mail, please e-mail me at . I look forward to working with you and your children!
Last Modified on October 24, 2012