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BRMS Clubs
Our school clubs will meet every Friday at 2:48, November 6 through February 26, 2016.

Students will have until October 9 (with reminders in lunch, newsletters, class announcements, resource and morning/afternoon announcements) to choose three clubs they would like to join. It is important to select clubs you are interested in.  

Club attendance and punctuality are expected for club meetings.  Make sure you go directly to your club location.  You are not to go to your locker and backpacks are not permitted in clubs. Students are strongly encouraged to make a commitment to the club and remain in that club from November to February (our club season.)

After you have attended at least 4 club meetings, if you are not happy in your club you may complete a Club Change Request form and get transferred to another club for the remainder of the year.  We are only able to allow ONE club change per person. Choose wisely!  Some clubs may not be accepting new members. You must remain in your assigned club until you receive a written pass to transfer to the new club. Mrs. Mallory, main office secretary, will handle club changes and maintain our club rosters. 

If you are already in after-school activities or you want some extra time to complete homework during the school day, the homework club may be a good choice for you. There is a Homework Club for each team. 

Be prepared for your club each Friday.  Bring your necessary materials and dress for the activity.   Students must be in their assigned club location for the entire club period. Students who are in other locations must have an appropriate, written pass. Students who do not follow the rules and procedures will not participate in clubs.