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CAMPUS Calendar 
CAMPUS Calendar 
LCHS CAMPUS Supervisors:  
Contact Ms. Jennifer Hovozdovic Facilitator for 9th & 10th grade
Contact Mrs. Clarissa Kennerly- Facilitator for 11th & 12th grade
Contact Mr. Brett Lesher - Counselor                                                       
CAMPUS provides a program with goals that support and nurture high academic achievement and college preparation for ethnic minorities.  The program includes academic enrichment and support, mentorship, college and scholarship training, guided course selection, and community service.  Students are selected from the rising 9th grade population in the spring of their 8th grade year.  Decision factors include potential aptitude for post secondary education.  High level classroom performance will not be a prerequisite, but would be one factor used to identify candidates.  Leadership skills, demonstrated interest in academics, and standardized tests will also be considered.  Students are interviewed and selected from each of the county middle schools.
The CAMPUS class is offered during Raider Rally, study hall, or regular class periods.  Activities emphasized are study skills, test preparation, college and career exploration, academic monitoring and mentorship, and other objectives.
Last Modified on July 14, 2014