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The past three decades have brought about tremendous changes in the workplace, as technology has reshaped the U.S. economy into an information-based and skills-intensive one.  The Information Technology field is the fastest-growing employment field in the nation, resulting in a "skills shortage" in the U. S. labor market.


According to projections published by the Economic Information Services Division of the Virginia Employment Commission, computer support specialists, database administrators, systems analysts, and computer programmers are among the top 20 occupations with the largest percent increase in employment in Virginia from 1998-2008, making it the fastest growing industry.  


Information Technology (IT) includes instructional programs and occupations dealing with the design, development, management, maintenance, and operation of computer, information, communication, and technology networks, including related hardware and software.   




Think about the two parts to the  name.  The emphasis on "Information Technology" is exciting, but let us be sure that after teaching students the basic functions of technology that we also teach them how to APPLY the technology to business applications.  Our discipline is more than teaching students how to push function keys--it is solving business problems using the technology tools.


The other part of our name is "Business."  Don't forget the "heart and soul" of our discipline--the basic functions of business such as Accounting, Business Management, Business Law, and Principles of Business and Marketing--all with economics and entrepreneurship integrated in the curriculum.  Schools should offer a comprehensive program that reflects an emphasis on Business AND Information Technology.  Interactive computer software programs and problem-solving activities are available to make learning more motivational in these courses. 
Mrs. Joyce Ikwild teaches Keyboarding, Leadership, and Introduction to Marketing at Harmony.