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Your first step in planning life after high school should be to log into
Family Connections
Family Connection/Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness tool used in Loudoun County Public Schools.  It is a web-based counseling software package that helps connect academic achievement to the student's post-secondary goals.  It allows counselors, parents and the student to collaborate in the college admissions process and career planning.  
Create an account using your student ID # in both the email and password fields.  Parents can create their own password. Contact your student's counselor.
Freshmen-  Assess your strengths, identify your learning style and your personality type.  Develop personalized learning plans and academic planning to meet your goals. Start building your resume.
Sophomores- Discover careers and colleges based on your interests and build your resume. Complete surveys, manage timelines and deadlines for making career and college decisions.
Juniors- College and Career preparation; research colleges and scholarships, compare GPAs, SATs and other statistics to historical data from Freedom, register for college and university visits, prepare for standardized tests
Seniors- College Search, College match, College comparison, Scholarship searches, Senior surveys, etc.
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