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Welcome to the 2014-2015 Freedom Speech and Debate Team Webpage! Membership for this year's squad is not finalized -- we are always willing to have students come along to join for active membership.  Participants that wish to letter in debate or speech must compete in at least half of the team competitions (WACFL, VHSL and/or invitational events) in at least three competitive categories.
Those planning to join the team need to look over the WACFL website at This website provides detailed explanation on each of the categories to help students become familiarized with the topics for this year.  While we encourage students to participate in as many events as possible, novice students will choose one category as their primary form of debate or speech for the time being, and will stay with that one for a bit. JV and Varsity may branch out as they see fit.

Congratulations to our Speech and Debate Team which returned with victories from WACFL 3!

Congratulations to Tory Whelan for placing first in Impromptu Speech!
Harry Jaggi took second in Impromptu Speech!
Simar Kohli took first place in Lincoln-Douglas Debate!

The rest of our team did so very well!

HERE ARE THE DETAILS of upcoming events:

We are practicing during the rest of December for the big January events!
Thank you, Parents for your volunteer judging. We cannot compete without your judging support. Many of you reported that you enjoyed the experience overall. I love judging the events. It is a great experience to watch how well the students perform!
Upcoming Events:
January 9/10 Fri./Sat. GMU All DEBATE
January 17 Sat. Speech/ Public Forum/Congress WACFL 4 Eleanor Roosevelt
January 24 Sat. Lincoln-Douglas/Policy WACFL 4 Rock Ridge
January 31 Sat. All Events Broad Run Invitational
Parents: Email me at to inform me as to which event you are judging. I will send you video links and pdf guides to judging your event.
General Procedures: 
Students need to be present for 8 AM, dressed in professional clothing, that is a suit and tie for the young men and professional, modest attire for the ladies, including nearly knee-length skirts and hose, plus a jacket or sweater over the blouse. Hair needs to be very neat for men and women.
We are very excited, and happy to be taking such a large group of varsity, j.v., and novices! The competition so strengthens the students!

Students may bring their own food, or they may purchase. Typical food includes: pizza, soda, donuts, and other things not good for heath. Students may bring their food. It is a long, exciting day. Plan accordingly.

Great breakfast and lunch is also provided for parents who judge. Breakfast, lunch, good coffee and juices are served!

Parents WHO JUDGE EVENTS, you will not be judging your own youth. Yet, when the day is done, having judged, you will be so proud of your own youth for their speech and debate course and training!

Parents who judge may leave earlier with their youth, perhaps as early as 6pm
Parents, we want to thank you for your continued support!

Let's get Ready and Go!!!

Future Events and all important information will be found at the Vision Page/ Forensics. 
If you have any questions, feel free to email Mrs. Johnson:

We are going to have a great year!
Denise Johnson
Debate/Speech Coach                 
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