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Description URL
Transfer Files from AlphaSmart to Computer To - Files4Teachers/AlphaSmart_File_Transfer.pdf
Audacity - Basics To - Files4Teachers/Audacity_Recording_Basics.pdf
Recording Foreign Language Prompts To - Files4Teachers/Audacity_for_Foreign_Language_Prompts.pdf
Add Web links to CMS web pages To - Files4Teachers/CMS_-_Adding_Web_Site_Links.pdf
Update Website Calendars To - Files4Teachers/CMS_-_Homework_calendars.pdf
What do these tools do in the CMS Editor? To - Files4Teachers/CMS_-_Site_Manager_Help.pdf
Display the Computer and Movies on the Classroom TV To - Files4Teachers/Computer_TV_Display_for_PC_and_Movie.pdf
Electronic File Submission - Turn in work to a folder on the Global Drive To - Files4Teachers/Computer_Electronic_File_Submission.pdf
Energy saver and troubleshooting tips To - Files4Teachers/Computers_Energy_Settings_and_Troubles.pdf
Export Internet Favorites To - Files4Teachers/Computer_Export_Internet_Favorites.pdf
Files Saved for Office 2000 To - Files4Teachers/Computers_Files_for_Office2000.pdf
Flash Drive Basics To - Files4Teachers/Computers_Flash_Drive_Basics.pdf
Printing Basics To - Files4Teachers/Computers_Printing_Basic.pdf
Save Your Files To - Files4Teachers/Computers_Save_Files_.pdf
Submit a Repair Request To - Files4Teachers/Computer_Repair_Request.pdf
Create PDF files To - Files4Teachers/CutePDFwriter_to_Save_PDFs.pdf
Connect and Play DVDs on Classroom TV To - Files4Teachers/DVD_Connections_to_the_TV.pdf
Directions to work with Equation Editor To - Files4Teachers/Equation_Editor_Directions.pdf
Basics of Excel To - Files4Teachers/Excel_basics.PDF
Create Charts with Excel To - Files4Teachers/Excel_Charts.PDF
Data Format & Searches with Excel To - Files4Teachers/Excel_Data_Format_and__Searches.PDF
Format Cell Data with Excel To - Files4Teachers/Excel_Format_Cell_Data.pdf
Format Data Entry with Excel To - Files4Teachers/Excel_Format_Data_Entry.PDF
Format, Fill, Functions with Excel To - Files4Teachers/Excel_Format,_Fill,_Functions.PDF
Spreadsheet Graphing with Excel To - Files4Teachers/Excel_Spreadsheet_Graphing.pdf
Last Modified on July 24, 2006