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 YOUR 2014-2015
President - Open Position
Lisa Colangelo - Vice President
Jennifer Cote Nance - Treasurer
Kim Edwards - Secretary 

If you will notice, the President position is still open.  If you're interested or know of someone that might be, please have them contact the officers at the top of this page.  We had a great election meeting with interest from all of the schools feeding into ERMS and we are excited about committee interest, ideas, etc.  for the next school year.
Please remember that engaging with your children at school at the Middle School level is very  important to the progress and success of your student!  

As the PTA keeps up with communication trends, there will be few flyers that come home and more communication through e-mails, newsletter, website and facebook.  If you're a FB user, please "Like" us and you will receive updates and information throughout the year.  If you like to receive information via a newsletter or electronic notifications, please read the letter/form that came home in your child's backpack yesterday.  It is at the bottom of the membership form.  
We hope that you will become a PTA Member and support the work that the PTA does at your child's Middle School. It's a great first step investment into the support system that is available at school for ALL students, ALL staff, and ALL families.  

 The goal of the PTA is to support the ERMS students, staff and families of the school and unite in efforts to secure the best education for our students. We encourage parental and staff involvement and have many opportunities for you to assist. Please see our calendar for our meetings and events throughout the year.


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Last Modified on June 15, 2014