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Guidelines for SOAR


SOAR is a block of time during the academic day that is used in a non-traditional manner. It is intended to give students and teachers time to do school related academic (non-academic periodically) activities that were in the past difficult to fit into the school day. Teachers may use the time to provide individual attention and assistance to students. Teachers may also require make-up work or remediation. When there is no scheduled activity, students may be in situations of greater control over the SOAR time. The goals are to allow individual help to students in need, while also teaching students to manage their time.



Suggested Uses:

  • Individual Tutoring/Re-Teaching
  • Make-Up Testing/Re-Testing
  • Make-Up Work/Group Work
  • Reading/Quiet Study
  • Homework/Projects
  • SOL/AP test Review
  • School-wide initiatives
  • Computer Lab/Library Use
  • Classroom guidance (counselors)
  • Group lessons on study skills, character education, and multicultural/sensitivity awareness

Last Modified on May 28, 2004