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Physical Education

Department Chair: Mike Petrella


Physical education is a means by which the goal to develop a sound mind and body may be achieved.  Our program promotes physical, mental, emotional and social growth by developing self-confidence, self-esteem, positive relationships, sportsmanship, respect for peers and authority, an appreciation for physical fitness and the pursuit of vigorous lifetime activities.  The health curriculum is delivered through a variety of activities, that are taught in a classroom setting (rotation based). Our Physical Education Standards of Learning & FIVE FOR LIFE Curriculum is taught through a variety of instructional strategies. An emphasis on positive sportsmanship and individual effort is encouraged with the physical education curriculum.



ERMS Physical education Teachers
Ms. Culhane
Ms. Elliston
Mrs. Peterson 
Mr. Brown 
Mr. Miles 
Mr. Ohara
Mr. Petrella
Mr. Wilhelm