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Foreign Language Department

Flo Primeggia, SALT, subject area lead teacher


  • To provide second language instruction so that students may communicate with the peoples who speak it and understand their cultures.
  • To compare languages, grammars, and cultures.
  • To connect the study of foreign languages to other disciplines.
  • To integrate technology into the study of foreign languages
  • To increase enrollment in the national competitive exams


Mid-terms and finals:

  • In the high school courses the mid-term and the final examinations are each weighted 20% of the semester grade, and include proficiency assessments in listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture.

Interpersonal Communication:


·          Quarterly in lab speaking prompts using Audacity software promoted interpersonal communication in all modern languages.
Student Projects:
Various projects in the presentational mode of the national standards were completed by high school level students.  Each quarterly project entailed making visuals, editing, and class presentations.
  • "Asi Soy Yo/Me voilà/Ich heiBe…
  • "Los Pasatiempos"
  • "Mi Familia/Ma famille/Meine Familie
  • “Un voyage à Paris”
  • “Wir Besuchen München”

National Foreign Language Examinations:
Students may choose to participate in the annual foreign language competitions offered in the spring to place at the state and national levels. Enrollment is in the fall.
SOL Support Programs:

The curricula of all foreign language instruction at Belmont Ridge support the Virginia Standards of Learning, the National Standards, and the Loudoun County Program of Studies.


Differentiated Instruction:

The foreign language department offers varied instruction:

  • High school credit: Spanish 1 and 2, French 1 an d2, German 1 and 2, Latin 1 and 2 open to seventh and eighth graders
  • IPT (Idea Proficiency Testing) for heritage or native Spanish speakers to obtain high school credits.
  • Tutoring: The department also offers supplementary instructional support during resource (individual) and before school tutoring (small group)
  • Exam Preparation: National Spanish  Examination are also prepared in before school sessions.
World Languages Clubs (open to students enrolled in the target language):
The department has several clubs: French Club meets the second Monday of each month after school from 3:30-4:30. Latin and German clubs to be announced. 

Primeggia, Flo
Spanish 1,2 
French 1,2
Eickhoff, Erica
Latin 1,2
Kirk, Elcira
Spanish 1,2

Starliper, Sarah
Spanish 1,2
Vogelbach, Kersten
German 1,2



Belmont Ridge Middle

19045 Upper Belmont Place

Leesburg, Virginia 20176

PH: (571) 252-2220

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