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"Art is not freedom from discipline, but disciplined freedom."
Rev.Edward M. Catich

     Belmont Ridge Middle School 
                          THE ART Department
Glenna          Hannah
Campbell      Mangeri 
Steven A.

Our goals are: 

  • to emphasise the LCPS Middle School Art Education Philosophy as well as the Eight Studio Habits of Mind. (See SOL support programs below.)
  • to place an emphasis on the Elements and Principals of Design and demonstrate their use across the curriculum.
  • to demonstrate connections between the Visual Arts and Math, Science, History, Language Arts, etc. When we study color, we are scientists. When we study artists and cultures, we are historians. When measuring, dividing and dealing with volume, we are mathematicians. Art is the heart of everything in the curriculum.
* Art is an academic as well as creative subject. Students at all grade levels will have periodic quizzes and/or tests.
* 8th Grade will have mid-term and final exams.
SOL support programs:
We champion Art as one of the most comprehensive approaches to raising test scores because of the "habits of mind" developed through the arts:
  • Develop Craft
  • Engage and Persist
  • Envision
  • Express
  • Observe
  • Reflect
  • Stretch and Explore
  • Understand the Art World

    For a furher explaination of these, click the links below:
    Eight Studio Habits of Mind.jpg

    Eight Studio Habits of Mind .pdf

    Differentiated instruction:
    The art department of Belmont Ridge Middle School strives to provide each child with an exciting, and challenging education in the arts. Students in all three grade levels may be working in the same media however, the level of difficulty will increase for each grade. Students in the upper grades are encouraged to think beyond the basic parameters of the assignment to create more challenging designs.

    Project Evaluation
    The Art Department evaluates student performance using criteria in line with LCPS' Standards of Achievement (S.O.A.) and Standards of Learning (S.O.L.). These criteria fall into several categories including Following Directions, Craftsmanship, and Effort. For answers to specific questions regarding evaluation, please contact your child’s Art Teacher. By evaluating several different areas of performance, all students can excel if effort and care is put into their work.

    Department Member
  • Campbell, Glennagrades 6, 8
    Mangeri, Hannah grades 6
    McCarthy, Steven

    grade 6,7

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