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Belmont Ridge Middle School Science Department
Carrie Lyle, Subject Area Lead Teacher

Special Announcement: 

*The 2013-2014 BEM science Olympiad team competed at the state competition in March, and came in the top 20 schools in the entire state! Especially noteworthy were Cole Trautman and Nikki Agarwal, who placed second place in the state in Robocross!

Way to go, science Olympians!!! 
Science Accomplishments:
  • Science Olympiad Team participation at district and state competition and student placement Spring 2014
  • Earth Day Air Quality and Auto Emissions Challenge - filmed by Fox 5 news! Spring 2013
  • Implementation of Loudoun County Middle School Core Experiences (Lab Investigations) initiative by all department teachers
  • Student participation in Family Stream Day
  • Earth Force Water Monitoring


  • Continue to exceed 90% pass rate for Middle School Science SOL
  • To provide a meaningful watershed experience
  • To continue to enhance science knowledge through hands-on and inquiry-based experiences, labs, and activities as related to real world application
  • To instill excellent student safety habits in and out of the classroom


  • Virginia Middle School Science SOL Test - 8th grade 
  • Grade-level Benchmarks each semester

SOL support programs:

  • Early morning SOL review sessions for 8th Grade - 2nd Semester
  • Use of Resource time for student learning needs

Additional information for Science:

  • Applications for Academy of Science (AOS) and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology available at LCPS schools and websites.


Introducing your 2014-2015 Science Department:
Grade 6:  
Jeannine Bagnall         email
Sharon Drow              email
Bree Raburn               email
Michelle Dixon            email
Grade 7:
Katrina Deimendes      email
Charles Kelly              email
Scott Sherwood         email
Rachel Zeldin             email 
Grade 8:
Sharon Lanham          email
Carrie Lyle                email
Michael Stoneback     email
Sue Piccolo               email
Last Modified on August 27, 2014