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Belmont Ridge Middle School Language Arts Department
Karen Skees, Language Arts SALT, Subject Area Lead Teacher


Goals for English/Language Arts Department

  • To improve pass advanced SOL scores
  • To incorporate reading and writing workshops
  • To vertically the 6th through 8th writing program
  • To promote independent reading


Differentiated Instruction

  • Teaching students to think at higher levels
  • Using more challenging novels and vocabulary
  • Providing enrichment activities
  • Emphasizing writing 



6th grade:

  • Gates McGinity Reading Test
  • Benchmark tests
  • SOL test in reading, literature, and research
7th grade:
  • STAR Reading Assessment
  • Benchmark tests  
  • SOL test in reading, literature, and research
8th grade:
  • Scholastic Reading Inventory
  • Stanford 10 test
  • Benchmark tests   
  • SOL writing multiple choice test
  • SOL direct writing test
  • SOL test in reading, literature, and research
  • Midterms and final exams


8th grade
Morgan Lewis
Katrina Martin
Margaret Stokes
Bettie Ann Felumlee
Tricia YbarraPeters
7th grade
Heidi Branch
Jason Augustowski
Katie Rountree
Nikisha Diehl
Tomoko Takase
Bridget O'Grady
Karen Skees
6th grade
Nikisha Diehl
Kathleen Cannon
Barbara Hughes
Melanie Muller
Jonathan Pitts
Christine Wyatt
Eden Elias
Margaret Hodges


Last Modified on March 3, 2016