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How can a Parent Liaison Help me?

* Schedule Conferences and Meetings

• I will be happy to be your interpreter if your first language is Spanish. However, if you speak any other language and need an interpreter, I can arrange an interpreter that speaks your language.

• I can help you arrange meetings between you and your child’s teacher to discuss your concerns, share information, and understand your point of view.

• If at any time you would like to have a meeting with a teacher or a staff member to talk about your child’s academic performance, or don’t exactly know how you can help in the educational process, I can schedule a conference for you.

Here are some examples of the kind of conferences that you might need help with: -Regular Parent/Teacher Conferences -IEP Conferences -Eligibility Meetings and Special Education related meetings -Child Study Meetings and follow up documentation -Guidance Conferences -Emergency Meetings -Meetings requested by a parent just to know how you can help your child at home to be more successful.


* Be Familiar with School Procedures

• Parent Liaisons will be available and present at Back to School Night and Parent School Orientations. As well as being available to assist during enrollment by phone or on site.

• If you need assistance with important communications between school and home, the Parent Liaison can help you understand them better.

• Parent Liaisons can provide valuable information about school procedures. They can provide parents with names and roles of administrators, teachers, and staff members in your child’s school.

• Parent Liaisons promote higher student achievement through positive relationships between parents and school personnel with confidentiality and respect. We encourage parent involvement in school.

* Informing You About Resources and Programs Available