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Welcome to the Parent Portal
Seneca Ridge Middle School
Need Help?  Please contact:
Nguyet Melendez, at (571) 434-4420,
Please have ready your child's name and student ID 
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Using the portal

Announcements regarding the Portal:
Important:  The link for the Parent Portal has changed.  Please update your bookmarks to
The parent portal will be opened for grades K-12 at the first quarter interim on October 1, 2014 (see below for access information).
Login information for the Parent Portal does not carry over year-to-year.  If you had access to the Parent Portal last year, you will need to submit a new account request form for the 2014-2015 school year. 
Assessment and Grading Expectations:
In addition to the Loudoun County Public Schools Expectations regarding Assessment and Grading, Seneca Ridge Middle School has the following expectations:
a. Teachers post grades within 7 calendar days of assessment/assignment.
b. Teachers indicate via a comment the reason for a change in a Learning Skill. 
Gaining access to the portal:
To Gain Access -  Login information will be mailed home (on or before October 1, 2014) to parents/guardians who submitted the account request form (English) (Spanish).  
Additional Logins for One Account - A separate username and password can be issued for two parents/guardians per student.  Each parent/guardian who would like his/her own login information must submit a separate account request form. 
Passwords - Please remember to change your password when you first login to the portal. After the initial login, a password of your choice may be used.
Gradebook Codes Legend
(what these letters mean in your child's gradebook). 
X = Student is exempt from an assignment and the assignment will not be included in any grade calculation
No Grade Entered = the assignment has not been graded 
T = Student turned in the assignment but it has not been graded yet.