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Welcome to the Parent Portal
J. Michael Lunsford Middle School
Need Help?  Please contact:
Jill Malinchock at (703) 722-2660,
Please have ready your child's name and student ID 
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Using the portal
       Announcements regarding the Portal:
Important:  The link for the Parent Portal has changed.  Please update your bookmarks to
The parent portal will be opened for grades K-12 at the first quarter interim on September 30, 2014.
Login information will be mailed home to parents/guardians who have submitted the Account Request Form on or before October 1, 2014.
Login information for the Parent Portal does not carry over year-to-year.  If you had access to the Parent Portal last year, you will need to submit a new account request form for the 2013-2014 school year. 
       Assessment and Grading Expectations:
In addition to the Loudoun County Public Schools
Expectations regarding Assessment and Grading, J. Michael Lunsford Middle School has the following expectations:
  • Students will receive timely, quality feedback on their progress toward their learning goals.
  • Teachers will regularly update information in their grade books.
  • All grade level departments will establish common grading policies.
  • All formative assessments will be indicated by an F in front of the assignment name, and all summative assessments will be indicated by an S in front of the assignment name.
  • No single grade will count for more than 20% of the quarter grade.

 Grading Legend
X = Student is exempt from an assignment and the assignment will not be included in any grade calculation
Z = Student has NOT completed the assignment and the assignment will be calculated as a zero if not turned in.
T = work turned in but not yet graded
Gaining access to the portal:
To gain access to the Parent Portal, please complete the Account Request Form and bring it into the school or send it in with your child. Once we verify your information we will send your login and password information.
New for 2013 - A separate username and password can be issued for two parents/guardians per student.  Each parent/guardian who would like their own login information must submit a separate account request form. 
Please remember to change your password once you first login to the portal