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Welcome to ParentVUE 


THS Counseling Department at (571) 252-1907
Tami Koerner at (5710 252-1907
Please provide your child's full name and Student ID.
Class Websites
When accessing StudentVUE/ParentVUE using the mobile app, multiple documents that have been posted in the Class Website section are not appearing. To see more than one document posted in a class website, log into the StudentVUE/ParentVUE portal on a computer by going to  
Bus Route Information
To view your child's bus route information, please use a browser on your computer or mobile device to log into the ParentVUE web application at This information is not displayed in the ParentVUE mobile app. 
ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration 
The ParentVUE Online Pre-registration portal is open to register new students for the 2016-17 school years (KG through 12). Current LCPS students do not need to be re-registered.
Prior to starting your online pre-registration, please review the video, tips and FAQs on the District ParentVUE Online Pre-registration pages.  
Link to the ParentVUE Online Pre-registration portal: (new registrations only).
ParentVUE Information 
The link for the ParentVUE Parent Portal is Please update your bookmarks.
Be sure to view the ParentVUE Overview video for a concise presentation of all the information available in ParentVUE. 
In order to gain access to the ParentVUE parent portal you need the web address ( and account activation key provided by the school district. All parents of active LCPS students should have received an Activation Key letter to create a ParentVUE account**. If you have not received an Activation Key letter or need a new copy, please contact your school.
Parents of new LCPS students will receive the Activation Key letter from their child's school. One activation key will allow creation of an account to view information for all of your registered students.
**If your new student has been enrolled at an LCPS school through the ParentVUE Online Pre-registration portal, please use the same user name and password to log into the ParentVUE parent portal at There is no need to obtain an activation key letter from the school. If the non-enrolling parent would like to obtain a ParentVUE account, please contact your child's school to obtain an activation key letter.
For additional assistance with ParentVUE or StudentVUE, please review the information on the District ParentVUE/StudentVUE pages here: or contact your school's ParentVUE support team listed at the top of this page.
The ParentVUE/StudentVUE portals are configured to support a specific user load. LCPS is continually working with the vendor to improve the configuration.

The ParentVUE activation letters state, “although the District strives to provide access to this information at all times, technical difficulties may result in temporary downtime. Access to the system is subject to technical constraints and internet availability.”

Assessment and Grading Expectations:

Tuscarora High School follows the Loudoun County Public Schools Expectations regarding Assessment and Grading

Grading Legend

Exempt = Student is exempt from an assignment and the assignment will not be included in any grade calculation

Missing = Student has NOT completed the assignment and the assignment will be calculated as a zero if not turned in.

Turned In = The assignment has been turned in, but not yet graded.

Dear ParentVUE and StudentVUE users,

Some users are currently experiencing long response times or receiving errors when accessing the Phoenix portal. It appears that the volume of users and page requests has exceeded the volume capacity estimation of the vendor. At the vendor’s request, we’ve increased the number of processing servers from four to seven. We are in the process of testing system capacity to ensure the portal can handle the increased user load.


We’re really excited about the number of students and parents who are participating but disappointed in some of the challenges and delays you’re experiencing. We appreciate your patience during this first month of implementation. We understand your frustration and are diligently working to fix technical issues quickly ensuring an awesome user experience.

Last Modified on September 26, 2016