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Welcome Social Studies!

Below are just a few of our science resources.  Click here for a full list of searchable subjects or come in and meet with us to create specific book lists.  

Especially for social studies, we have a number of resources like ABC-CLIO which goes into Geography and History.  We also have Gale United States History which is AMAZING!  It allows you to search by topic and type, including primary sources on a single search.  Click here to try.  Or just let us know, and we will develop a pathfinder for you.

Brain pop
does a video tutorials on a wide variety of topics.  Great for additional explanations.  You can also access more information by reading the articles attached to the cartoons.

Nettrekker on the database website is also a great source for webpages - additional practice problems, animations, and explanations.  Click here to start searching.