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JCHS Counseling

Address:  41535 Sacred Mountain Street

Aldie, Virginia  20105

 Office of Counseling:  703-722-2687

Office of Counseling Fax:  703-722-2688 

CEEB Code:  470-021


Christi Campbell, Director of Counseling

Danielle Coniglio, School Counselor A-C (9-11), A-Fa (12) 


 Andrea Rasmussen, School Counselor D-Ji (9-11), Fe-L (12)

Andrew Tafaro, School Counselor Jj-Mo (9-11), new seniors

Derek Forster, School Counselor Mp-Se (9-11), M-Ri (12)


 Susan Pangman, School Counselor Sf-Z (9-11), Ro-Z (12) 


 Maria Porto, Career Center Assistant 

Rita Giampaoli, Administrative Assistant

   Laura Pendleton, Counseling Secretary 

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