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2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR 

LCPS Program of Studies 

The Loudoun County Public Schools Program of Studies will be available to students on the internet only. 

The Program of Studies contains  information to help in planning your course of study through high school. In addition to having the course description and pre-requisite for every course offered in Loudoun County, it also contains important school policies, special programs, and graduation requirements.

Course Selection for Freedom High School

Process & Timeline 

When selecting courses for the 2015-2016 school year, it is important that you review the LCPS Program of Study. In addition, please communicate openly with your teachers for input on choosing an academic, honors, or AP level course for next year. They will provide you with vital feedback for your course selections, as well as giving you helpful pointers for finishing out the year with a strong semester two.     

In the weeks following semester 1, school counselors will meet with groups of students through Eagles Connect to go over graduation requirements, and to have students fill out an online course selection survey. After this initial meeting, counselors will meet with students one on one to review each student's course selections for 2015-2016, and to answer individualized questions about their course selections. We hope that all students will review the online Election Fair, and review the online LCPS Program of Studies handbook before signing up for classes. We will base our staffing on the course selection survey that are turned in to their counselor on the following dates:

Rising Seniors: Feb. 11-13
Rising Juniors: Feb. 17-19
Rising Sophomores: Feb. 23-25
Rising Freshmen: February 3-5
Course Selection Surveys will be on the Family Connections/Naviance website
The Survey will be open on the days the students are meeting with the counselors and for 5 additional days after. Parents will be able to review and edit their students course selections from home.
Individual meetings with the student and school counselor will begin March 18. It will take approximately 8 weeks for the counselors to meet with each student. Please be patient, as it does take time to meet with, and answer questions for all students in the building.