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Promethean ActivInspire Resources

How to download ActiveInspire on your Personal Computer:
( You will need to obtain the license number from you TRT to use the full version of ActiveInspire)
  • Download ActivInspire from Promethean World
  • Install and launch the software.  It will prompt you to register. Use the number provided by the TRT.
  • If you like you can download Resources Packs for use in ActivInspire from Promethean Planet
The capacity of an interactive whiteboard (IWB) to incorporate a wide range of media and produce student-centered activities is a driving force behind their increased use in education. Click here for more information on why interactive whiteboards in education.
When evaluating a flipchart, think about what makes for a quality lesson. Lesson objectives should be well established, essential question, expected outcomes (understandings and/or skills), SOL’s addressed, instructional activities (mini lesson or lecture, group interactive activity, individual activities that might be shared, etc), and assessment plan should be evident. One of the most powerful features of a flipchart is the ability for students to interact with the board. That interactivity could be students manipulating media (text, graphics) on the board or students responding (verbally through a think/write/share activity or with an Active Vote/Expression) and finally assessment (using hands, paper, ACTIVote or ACTIVexpressions).
Click here for a Flipchart Evaluation Guide.


ActivLoudoun Flipcharts
All flipcharts created by teachers at the ActivLoudoun Conference in June are available for download.

ActivInspire Training Options for Staff:

OnlineYou can register through My Learning Plan - Forms - Online Training

  • Introduction to ActivInspire (3 hour) - This course introduces the main features of ActivInspire. You will learn the basic skills required to create simple, interactive flipcharts.
  • ActiveInspire Level I Skills Course (10 hour) - This course covers the main features of ActivInspire in detail, including some of the more advanced features of the software. When you have worked through and understood the tutorials you can attempt the assessments. Successful completion of the assessments and a flipchart upload will award you the ActivInspire Advanced Skills Transcript.

Face-to-Face - Check My Learning Plan regularly for ActivInspire sessions

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