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Clubs will be held Wednesdays or Thursdays, as those are the days that we offer after school transportation.  After school activities will begin the week of October 6th.

The updated club and activity list for the 2014-15 school year can be found here - List Clubs and Activities  revised 3.18.15

A permission form must be completed and returned to the teacher of each activity.
Activity bus transportation begins October 8, 2014.  bus schedule  
Club Descriptions
Actor's Opportunities club's goal is to give everyone a chance to have time in the spotlight. Students gather together and plan a script, this way there is no single main character and everyone gets a chance to feel like a star. The Actor's Opportunities Club is also a great way to improve creativity and teamwork skills! I'm hoping to have a Spring Performance to showcase our effort and entertain our family and friends.
Coding Club-Students will learn the basics of coding and computer programming through a variety of online learning platforms.
Conklin Club-Students will have a chance to explore local history and to use their creative/artistic skills to find ways to share this history with the Lunsford community.
FACS Club-Open to 8th graders ONLY, sewing and cooking club, students will make craft projects and simple recipes.
French Club-Students will meet to enjoy French food and watch French movies
Green Club-Supports, promotes, and works on projects at the school related to recycling, energy conservation, grounds beautification, saving the environment, Earth Day, and wildlife conservation.
Knitting & Crocheting Club- teaches knitting and crocheting to all levels- those who have never knitted or crocheted and those who can. 
LEO Club-A service based club where students do fundraisers for those in need in the community. We partner with the South Riding Lions Club.
Lion Studio-Studio time for art students and non-art students to work on their art, get advice from others, learn new techniques and explore new materials. Whatever art you are making such as manga, drawing, painting, computer art, mixed media etc. Just bring in what you want to work on!
Lion's Pride-A club that promotes tolerance and inclusion at JML.
Lions Run-Run around the track to increase cardiorespiratory endurance and increase our mileage each week. 
Math Counts-Students complete and discuss real life math problems provided by the national MathCounts Foundation. A test determines team members for a competition in February.
Model UN Club-Students will participate in debates focused on resolving real-world issues affecting the world today. Members will be expected to help write position papers and to research various countries as part of their preparation for debates. Students may also have the opportunity to attend model UN conferences in the Spring.
Pacer Club-Students will be able to get additional opportunities to run/practice the PACER test. As well as practicing for the test, students will be challenged to work on their strength by incorporating muscular endurance exercises to make their effort on the PACER run stronger.
SAC (Student Activities Council)-Promote school spirit and community through student-centered activities such as spirit week and the school dance.
Science Olympiad-Students work together in teams to learn new skills & improve their understanding of science, technology, engineering, & mathematics (STEM).
Set Design-Paint scenery and construct props for the annual drama production.
Yearbook Club-Support the yearbook class in aspects of photography and promotion.
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