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Woodgrove High School
College Information Electronic Index

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General Information

WHS School ProfileThis document lists data including LCPS grading scales, WHS contact information, course level descriptions and AP program overview.


Important Information for College Applications This document lists several important pieceof information that you will need for your college applications.



Required Forms 

Transcript Release Form  This form must be signed by parent/guardian and remain on file prior to sending out your first transcript.

 Transcript Request Form Fill out this form to have your transcript sent to   colleges, universities and scholarship programs.  Students are charged $3.00 per request (first three are free)
 Teacher Recommendation Request Form  A cover form should be provided to each teacher writing a letter of recommendation.

Senior Insight Packet for Letters of Recommendation  Complete this packet prior to requesting your first transcript.  This information will assist the counselor in writing you a strong letter of recommendation.

 Student Activity Profile  Students may use this template, a resume or the resume template from Naviance.


Helpful Worksheets & Recourses

College Application Checklist  Use this checklist for each college you apply to.  This will help you keep track of all the pieces and parts.
Notice for Students of Deadlines
Writing your College Essay  Use this resource to help you write your essays.
Questions to ask during a College Visit  Use these questions to help you get the most out of your campus visits.