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Technology Education 7
Semester Class
  • Technology Education is a semester class that enable students to become technologically literate.  Reaching beyond basic computer systems and ideas, it incorporates and complements science, mathematics, and other disciplines.  It answers the important question: ”Why do we need to learn this?”  This course gives students the opportunity to experience how the application of old, new, and emerging technologies affect everyday lives.
  • After an orientation period, students select from various technology modules that they would like to explore.  In those modules the approach to learning is self-directed, allowing the students to experience the most innovative and modern learning approaches in Technology Education with a hands-on exploratory philosophy.
  • Learning modules allow students to interact with robots, lasers, machines controlled by computers, and other high-tech equipment.
Technology Education 8
One Semester or Entire Year
  • Technology Education is an elective course which can be taken for one semester or for a year.  It is a comprehensive class using a multimedia and modular technology education approach.
  • Students will experiment, design, invent, create, build, test, and analyze while exploring 14 different technology areas.
  • This course helps students understand how knowledge, tools, and resources are used to help people.