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Students in Mrs. Fawley's class created non-fiction books about an animal of their choice.  They joined several first grade classes for a book sharing session.  Fourth graders loved sharing their work and first graders loved learning from the "big kids!"
Have a FANTASTIC summer!

It will be important for all rising fourth grade students to understand the importance of coming to school ready for 4th grade. All students should know their multiplication facts and understand the concept of place value. Understanding and using strategies for reading comprehension in content areas, non-fiction, as well as fiction will be stressed throughout the year. Nightly homework can be expected as well as frequent quizzes and tests. In reading our 4th graders will study a different genre each month, including poetry which has been a favorite the past few years. We count on the partnership and support of our fourth grade parents throughout the year. Sending your child to school prepared and ready to learn makes a big difference in performance.

I hope you are ready for a fast and furious ride.
Don't forget to visit the Gum Springs Library, and join the summer reading club!  
Check out some of these books for summer reading!
Last Modified on June 10, 2014