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Welcome to Kenneth W. Culbert Elementary!

Beginning kindergarten is an exciting time.  In the kindergarten classroom you will find children who are just beginning their formal school experience and others who have been enrolled in preschool.  Some children have a hard time leaving a parent, some can read and write at a second grade level, and all have different abilities with a variety of background experiences.  As we know, "one size doesn't fit all."  The kindergarten teacher works with each child based on his or her needs.  Welcome to the wonderful world of kindergarten!       surprise

Overview of the Kindergarten Program

The kindergarten program provides a period of transition for the five-year-old child between informal learning in the home or preschool and the more formal learning offered by the elementary schools.  A primary focus is providing instruction to each student at his/her stage of development.  This is accomplished by integrating the skills and understanding of all subject areas and by providing for differentiated instruction based on the needs of the students.  Many manipulative and hands-on experiences are included in the program to ensure that it is developmentally consistent with the way in which five- year-olds learn best.  The developmental kindergarten program allows students to develop a healthy self-concept, physical skills and coordination, facilitate the use of language and to acquire fundamental skills and knowledge for reaching the student’s fullest potential.    

Last Modified on August 16, 2012