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According to the National Standards for the Fine Arts, the study of music contributes in important ways to the quality of every student’s life.  Through singing, playing instruments, and composing, students can express themselves creatively, while gaining knowledge of notation and performance traditions enables them to learn new music independently throughout their lives.  Every student is enriched by the skills, knowledge, and habits acquired in the study of music. 

       National Standards for Fine Arts Education:

         1.       sing a varied repertoire of music alone and with others

         2.       play instruments

         3.       improvise melodies, variations and accompaniments

         4.       compose and arrange music within specified guidelines

         5.       read and notate music

         6.       listen to, analyze, describe and move to music

         7.       evaluate music and music performance

         8.       understand relationships between music and disciplines outside the arts

         9.       understand music in relation to history and culture


 To achieve the goals set forth in the National Standards music classes include:

      -Performing on Orff instruments            -Creative Movement & Dances

        -Singing                                            -Playing Recorders      
        -Playing Ukuleles                                -Performing on Percussion instruments/Tubano drums
Last Modified on June 8, 2015