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Dominion Administration
John Brewer  - Principal
Dominic Banks - Assistant Principal
Jamie Braxton - Assistant Principal
Angela Rhine - Assistant Principal
Joe Fleming - Athletic Director
Jaclyn Smith - Director of School Counseling
School Contact Numbers
571-434-4400 (Main Office)
571-434-4412 (School Counseling)
571-434-4410 (Athletics)
571-434-4404 (Absentee line)
571-434-4401 (Fax Line Main Office)


Root: trud, trus
Meaning: push, thrust
protrusion (noun): something that bulges or sticks out from something else

The protusion on the left side of Michele’s arm was as enormous as a softball, and, therefore, surgery was needed to remove it.




School Board Members

Debbie K. Rose, Algonkian District
Thomas E. Reed, At Large Member 
Brenda L. Sheridan, Sterling District