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Dominion Administration
John Brewer  - Principal
Dominic Banks - Assistant Principal
Jamie Braxton - Assistant Principal
Michelle Quirin - Assistant Principal
Joe Fleming - Athletic Director
Jaclyn Smith - Director of School Counseling
School Contact Numbers
571-434-4400 (Main Office)
571-434-4412 (Guidance)
571-434-4410 (Athletics)
571-434-4404 (Absentee line)
571-434-4401 (Fax Line Main Office)
Titan Word of the Week
Root: circum
Meaning: around
circumnavigate (verb): 1) to sailor fly completely around. 2) to bypass, to go around instead of pass through

The sailor’s goal was to circumnavigate the world.





After not playing soccer for three years, Julie began to show a renascent interest in the sport.

School Board Members

Debbie K. Rose, Algonkian District
Thomas E. Reed, At Large Member 
Brenda L. Sheridan, Sterling District