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New Box Top Contest
Boys vs Girls
If the GIRLS win, Mr. Salgado and Mr. Frew will wear a
tiara and
a tutu for the day!

If the BOYS win, Ms. Simms and Ms. Cashman will
be duct taped to a wall!

Students may turn in Box Tops to their grade level secretary.
may submit them in plastic baggies(preferred method)
or taped to this form:  Box Tops Flyer
Be sure to mark if they are for Girls or Boys.

All Box Tops must be turned in by

February 22, 2016


DID YOU KNOW?  Each box top = $0.10, and they add up to easy cash for our school! Clip away and turn your box tops in to your grade level office or the main office regularly in an envelope or baggie with student name, team name, grade, and quantity.  Please check expiration dates as unexpired box tops won't be accepted for payment!  Ask friends, relatives, and co-workers to collect them for you to help increase our totals. There will be some fun contests this year, so be sure to start collecting now!
box top  

There are also many other ways to earn box tops for our school. For more information, please go to You can earn ebox tops by shopping at some of your favorite online retailers through the box tops marketplace. You can also get special discounts and free shipping through the box tops marketplace. For more info or to get started with some shopping, go to


JML is now participating in the Labels for Education program! Clip Labels for Education and send them to school. Our school will earn points that can be used for equipment, music and art supplies, and more! For each collection sheet your student brings to school with their name, grade and locker number on it, they will receive a ROAR ticket!

Check out the Labels for Education Participating Products List, click here

 Collection Sheets for Labels for Education:

1 Point Sheet, click here

5 point Sheet, click here 

10 Point Sheet, click here 

If you are interested in promoting or helping with our Box Tops or Label for Education Program, please contact our Coordinators, Melisa Golden and Raquel Domingues, or Kimberly Turner, VP Fundraising, at

Thank you for supporting JML!

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