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Many thanks to the following organizations and groups for their sponsorship of the summit:
Thank you to the Dominion High School parent-teacher association for their generous support of the summit.
Loudoun County Public Schools, Monroe Technology Center
The culinary program at the Monroe Technology Center will be providing catering for the farewell dinner.  The graphic communications program will be printing the summit program and banner.
Dominion High School students wrote and were awarded a community grant from Walmart.
Dominion High School was rewarded a field trip grant from Target to assist with costs associated with the many field trips that will be part of the summit.
Fraser Wallace Advertising
Many thanks to Fraser Wallace, a Sterling based advertising agency, for being the sponsors of Access to Education Day.
Many thanks to, a local Keller Williams Realty office, for being the sponsors of our welcome dinner.
Team Spirit Pack
We appreciate Team Spirit Pack's donation of summit tote bags as well as the excellent service they have provided in printing the summit t-shirts.  
Many thanks to United Parcel Service for their support of Technology and Innovation Day
Safeway Countryside
Many thanks to Safeway Countryside for donating food to be used for a cookout to be held on the Service Day.
Huntington Learning Center
Many thanks to Huntington Learning Center for their support of Technology and Innovation Day. 
Pepsi Cola of Central Virginia
Many thanks to our local Pepsi distributor for providing all the beverages for the summit for the third consecutive year.  
Moonlight Graphic and Amusement, LLC
Many thanks to Moonlight Graphic for donating their services to print the summit banner.
The Newseum
The Newseum Learning Center is providing curricular support to the Civil Rights Day and the Activism Day
Center for Innovation and Technology
The Technology and Innovation Day will feature a visit to CIT 
Chris Carpenter Productions
The summit will feature a screening of  "Born in Goma", a documentary following the lives of three young patients at the Heal Africa hospital in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Many thanks to Bob-O-Tours, a California based travel consulting firm, for their sponsorship of the summit.
Loudoun Visitor's Center
Many thanks to the Loudoun Visitor's Center for the items they have donated to the welcome bags for each summit delegate. 
Dominion High School SCA
The DHS student government will be sponsoring a welcome lunch on the first day of the summit.
Freedom High School SCA
The student government at Freedom High School will be sponsoring a lunch during the Access to Education day. 
Dominion High School and Park View High School Global Ambassadors Club
The Global Ambassadors clubs at Dominion and Park View High Schools have been engaged in planning the summit for the duration of the school year.