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Dear Parents,

Each child in our class is very special.  We will celebrate each child for a whole week when he/she is our “Star of the Week.”  In addition, your child will have a poster in the hall (near the cafeteria) on the Wall of Fame. The children were each scheduled for their special week. It was all scheduled randomly and it is important to stick to the schedule to ensure everyone has a turn.  If there is inclement weather on the first day your child is a star they will begin the next school day. If more than 2 days are missed due to inclement weather, your child will be rescheduled.  Below is the schedule of special activities for your child on their week.  

Monday-The Star should bring 5 or more pictures to school to hang on their special STAR board.  Ex.  Family, child as a baby, playing a sport, on vacation, etc.  Pictures can be photos or drawings.  Your child should be able to talk about each picture. In addition, please send in a picture of your family (photo or drawn) to hang on the Wall of Fame poster.

Tuesday- The Star should bring in an item that is their favorite color.

Wednesday- Free choice.  The Star can bring in any item of their choice to share with the class.  It could be a favorite stuffed animal, trinket, toy.  (Non-breakable items only)
Thursday- The Star will receive a mystery bag during the week.  He/She should choose a small item to hide inside.  Parents should help them come up with clues to share with the class so that the class can guess what is inside.
Friday- Parents are invited to come in to read a story, of the Star’s choice to the class.  If a parent is unable to attend, please send in the Star’s favorite book for the teacher to read. (10:30 for morning class, 11:50 for the afternoon class)
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