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The students of Pinebrook Elementary School live in a community of highachieving adults with high educational expectations. The school counselingdepartment in conjunction with all educational stakeholders is determined tosupport all students becoming life-long, high achieving-learners, who showinterest and understanding in the fast-paced world of all career clusters,including science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Further, the schoolcounseling department strives to foster the personal, social, and academic,developmental growth of each student in order to ensure they become productivewell-adjusted citizens as well as innovative and inspirational leaders.



Pinebrook Elementary school counselors provide a comprehensive anddevelopmentally appropriate curriculum which focusses on the academic, career,and personal/social needs of all students regardless previous academicperformance, family background, socioeconomic status, race, or gender.Counselors work in conjunction with the staff, families, and community ofPinebrook. School counselors support students in the development andachievement of immediate and future goals for students to reach their fullpotential, through groups, guidance, individual counseling.



The school counseling department of Pinebrook abides by the following beliefs:

-All students can learn and achieve success through an academicallyrigorous curriculum regardless of previous academic performance, familybackground, socioeconomic status, race, or gender.

-All students are supported through developmentally appropriate lessonsaligned with both ASCA and Virginia school counseling standards. Students needswill also be identified and met through grade level needs assessments.

-We believe all students should be given an opportunity to learnthrough a positive behavior environment.

-School counselors will serve as advocates for all students andfamilies while helping develop skills of self-advocacy.

-School counselors in conjunction with the advisory council and alleducational stakeholders will plan, manage, deliver, and evaluate ourcomprehensive school counseling program.

-Effective data, including student and staff needs assessments,surveys, pre/post-tests, along with annual feedback will be used to analyze andinform program decisions.

-School counselors will abide by all professional and ethical standardsset forth by ASCA and LCPS.

Last Modified on September 9, 2014