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Portfolio Assessments
   Throughout the semester, students will be demonstrating their understanding of the elements and principles of art and design through art projects and tests.  The learning progression of their portfolio assessment will be based on their mastery from the beginning to the end of the semester.  Their portfolio assessment will also include periodic critiques and self evaluations, which will also show their progress as artists. 

Tests, Projects, and Papers
Summative assessments (tests, projects etc.) are designed to measure student mastery of assigned materials.  Summative assessments are reported in a way familiar to many as points from a total and will be reported on progress reports with a numerical grade.  If the student completed ALL formatives leading to the summative and they received above a 70%, they will have an opportunity to retake a summative assessment for a higher score.  If that student does not completed all formatives, they may not retake the summative.  Any student earning less than a 70% will be required to retake the assessment.  Any score less than 50% will be recorded as incomplete.  Examples of retake requirements could include: homework completion, assignment corrections, class work completion, re-teaching time, parent signature, etc.  There must be a commitment by you and a timeline for completion.  Parents or guardians of anyone retaking a summative assessment will be contacted by their teacher. 
Here is how assignments, projects, and tests will be graded:
Final Art Projects: 30 points each
Summative Tests: 15 points each
Critiques and Self Evaluations: 15 points each
Art Explorations: 30 points each
Final Art Evaluation and sketchbook: 50 points

Make-Up Work:

It is each student’s responsibility to get make-up assignments and/or notes from their teacher(s). Homework assignments and classroom materials are posted on the class website for your convenience. Any assignment that was due on the day you were absent is due the day you return.  Students are welcome to use my studio hours for any assistance with assignments, tests, or extra help. 
If a student fails to complete any of the formative assessments that lead up to a summative assessment, then that student may not retake the summative if they received a 70% or above.  If the student does not receive a 70% or above then they are required to retake the summative.  Retakes must occur within 10 days of having received the grade. 

Grading and Mastery:

Grades are intended to communicate a student’s understanding of the standards and mastery of the grade level concepts and skills.  Grades and progress reports are used as communication tools between the teacher, student, and parents.  To this end, grade reports closely align with what each student knows about a specific topic(s).  The focus on standards acquisition prepares students with the foundational base needed to be successful each year in high school, college, and in their careers.

Assignments are driven by the Virginia Department of Education standards. These assignments are designed to reflect a natural learning curve: introduction, practice, and mastery.  Introductory assignments are used to present new concepts/skills; practice assignments (these typically make up the majority of work) give students opportunities to develop their understanding of the new concepts/skills.  Mastery assignments enable students to demonstrate their solid understanding of material presented. 



Introductory and practice assignments are formative assessments.  These assessments help students, parents, and teachers gauge progress.  Selected formative assessments are recorded and progress on these assignments will be communicated through progress reports.  Formative assessments are reported using a scale of one through four. 

4 = Exceeds the standard

3 = Meets the standard

2 = Partially meets the standard

1 = Does not meet the standard



As with formative assessments, homework assignments are designed to help each student obtain mastery of content.  Homework assignments are kept to a minimum and are not busy work.  Homework is assessed and your progress will be communicated through progress reports etc.  All students are required to complete homework and a partnership with deans and counselors will help to ensure that students do not fall behind.