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Begins January 27, 2015

(Class list subject to change without notice)


Classes run for six sessions (unless otherwise noted). Classes all meet from 2:40 PM - 3:40 PM (unless otherwise noted). There is an 8 student minimum requirement to have a class.  

 MONDAY  (2/2; 2/9; 2/23; 3/2; 3/9; 3/16)


SPANISH IMMERSION (Grades K-5) max = 20 / Little Scholars / [Cost: $85]

Have fun while learning another language.   Little Scholars will teach Spanish while creating crafts to reinforce the learning process.  Students will have hands on fun while the instructor plays games to help student become proficient with a second language.


 POTOWMACK MOVING KIDS (Grades K-5) max=15 /  Mrs. Opiola [Cost: $60]

KEEP IT MOVING!  It's not just exercise anymore! This class promotes fitness, improve functionality, mobility and balance. Achieve fitness goals kid style in this "keep moving" inspired workout.  Enjoy a fun-filled hour of exercise and games to motivating music that will energize you.  



DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY (Grades 3-5) max= 12 / Mrs. Jackson [Cost: $65]


Digital Photography is exciting to see the pictures that the students capture behind the lens.  Students take the lesson outside the classroom and onto the school campus to capture the natural settings of the school.  All activity is supervised by the instructor. 

ARTS AND CRAFTS (Grades K-2) max=10 / Ms. Amanda Fanara-Roy [Cost: $65]

This is a new class that will have a different craft each week.  Enjoy making books, stained glass, and other works of art using ordinary household items.

TUESDAY (1/27; 2/3; 2/10; 2/17; 2/24; 3/3)

CHESS CLUB (Grades 2-5) max=12 / Mr. Gall [Cost: $60]

Learn the game of chess.  Chess can help kids with critical thinking skills.  The fun-filled hour will be taught to students with a competitive edge.


PMK FITNESS CLUB  (Grades K-3) max=20 (1/27; 2/3; 2/10; 2/17) - (2:35-4:05) Mrs. Thompson [Cost: $60]

PMK FITNESS CLUB  (Grades 4-5) max=20  (2/24; 3/3; 3/10; 3/17) - (2:35-4:05) Mrs. Thompson [Cost: $60]

The club will focus on the old Presidential Fitness standards (it no longer exists) in which the students practice the 5 fitness tests that measure flexibility, agility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardio-respiratory endurance. We will still be using the past Presidential guidelines and tests standards for achieving the title of a Potowmack Fit Eagle. As in the past, these standards are what we use for the Potowmack Eagle Wall of Fame records. Our wonderful PTA is helping purchase our newly designed Potowmack Eagle Fitness Shirts which will be awarded to those students  that pass all 5 of the PMK  fitness tests. Presidential Fitness shirts were awarded to students before and now the new designed shirts will be given to them. K-5th graders  learn how to do the tests and practice the tests as well as participate in activities & games that will help benefit their fitness levels on their way to becoming a Potowmack Fit Eagle. The shirts are awarded to only the students who achieve all 5 PMK fit tests. If your child already received a shirt from the fall session, they will be awarded a star to put on their shirt.  Every year the shirts will be a different color. So all students who have achieved their first year will be awarded a purple shirt, 2nd year a red shirt, etc. (almost like Karate and their different colored belts.  The 4 sessions will be 90 minutes .


  INTERMEDIATE CLAY (Grades 3-5) max=15 / Mrs. Jackson [Cost: $65]

This class will go a little more in depth with the clay creating process. Students will be challenged a little bit more with how to create things out of clay. Students do not need to have clay experience to participate. The classes are taught according to who is taking the class. We will be making a few different clay pieces that we will finish with either glazes or paint. 

 WEDNESDAY (1/28; 2/4; 2/11; 2/18; 2/25; 3/4)


SCIENCE EXPLORERS (Grades K-3) max=10 /Mrs. Butler [Cost: $65]

Let’s explore different science material with hands on experiments.  Explorations are in the classroom to expand the minds of children.  It’s interesting to see how they start to think outside the box with various perspectives of science.

 BEGINNING CLAY (Grades K-2) max=15 / Mrs. Jackson [Cost: $65]

This class will create basic works of art with clay. Students do not need to have clay experience to participate. The classes are taught according to who is taking the class. We will be making a few different clay pieces that we will finish with either glazes or paint. 



THURSDAY (1/29; 2/5; 2/12; 2/19; 2/26; 3/5)

 CUPCAKES GALORE (Grades 3-5) max = 10 / Mrs. Siddiqui [Cost: $75]

Learn to decorate cupcakes. The class will be hands on and fun for kids of all ages. We will create adorable flowers like roses, mums and daisies. Each class will have a different design and will include 1-2 cupcakes that the student can work on and take home. Icing, color and cupcake will be provided. Limited to first 10 students.

LEGO BUILDERS (Grades K-3) max 15 / Mrs. Butler [Cost: $65]

Use your imagination! Creativity is built around lesson themes to teach history, science, math, and critical thinking in a fun way.  Spend an hour creating Lego structures based on the theme for the week while developing brain power.  Each week there will be a theme and plenty of free building time. This is one of our most popular classes and fills up fast, so don’t wait to register!


DANCE CLASS (Grades K-5) max 15 / Mrs. Kim [Cost: $60]

Various dance steps are learned in the highly motivated class.  Learn the two step, hip hop, pop and lock, the classics, and other dances in a fun classroom.


 FRIDAY (1/30; 2/6; 2/13; 2/20; 2/27; 3/6)


 LEGO ROBOTICS (Grades 1-5) max=15 / Mr. Charlish [Cost: $60]

Welcome to the wonderful world of robots! This Hands-on Robotics club taught by Mr. Charlish enables students to work as young robotic engineers. Students build, program and test robots. They learn how to build robots incorporating various sensors and motors to accomplish a range of missions and goals. We will be using laptops to program the robots!

MAJEST TAE KWON DO (Grades 1-5) max=15 / Majest [Cost: $65]


Tae kwon do preparse students for the responsibilities of citizenship. The benefits of tae kwon do includes enhancement of self-esteem,  confidence building, develops discipline, and self defense.  These skills can help you build characters in life, to become someone great, who will achieve many great accomplishments, and to continue challenging themselves.

 PEARL 1 STITCH 2 (Grades 3-5) max= 8 / Rennea Butler [Cost: $65]


Learn the basics of knitting and crocheting.  See what the knit and pearl patterns create.  This will be a fun self-paced class.  All you need to bring is yarn in your favorite color, knit/crochet needles, and an eagerness to have fun.  Email Rennea.butler@outlook for needle information.

KIDS YOGA (Grades 3-5) max=15 / Mrs. Desai [Cost: $65]

Relax after a day of studying with yoga.  Youth yoga helps improve posture, challengesg physical exercise, and teaches breathing and relaxation techniques. These skills help increase mental and physical vitality.

Classes begin the week of January 27, 2015 and will run for six sessions (unless otherwise noted).  Make-up classes are at the discretion of the instructor.  **ASP classes will not be held if Loudoun County Schools are closed due to holidays or inclement weather. In the event of a school closing, we will make every effort to schedule a make-up class.**  Classes all meet from 2:40 PM - 3:40 PM (unless otherwise noted) and parents are responsible for the transportation of all students who participate.  Bus transportation is NOT provided.  CASA and YMCA students are welcome to participate and will be walked over to CASA and YMCA after ASP class.
An On-Site Coordinator must be present each day that the After School Program classes are offered. If a coordinator is unable to be present, all classes for that day will be cancelled. If you volunteer, one of your children will be eligible to receive one FREE class (up to $60 credit towards one class). Your child is also guaranteed their first choice of class for the day you volunteer.  Coordinator duties for the session can be split (three weeks each) between two parents and one child each will receive a 50% discount ($30 class credit each) on their first class.Responsibilities include taking attendance in the Gym before students go to their class sites and checking on absentee children, handing out Band-Aids (if necessary), making sure all children are picked up in a timely manner and calling if parents are late.  If you are interested, please contact Rennea Butler at or Wendy Love at
The PTA understands that there are some families within our school community who cannot afford the enrollment fee for After School Program classes.  To aid these families in providing a well rounded and enriching school experience for their child, the PTA has established a scholarship fund to assist financially.  (Note: This fund does not cover supply fees.  They are the responsibility of the applicant.)  If your child is interested in taking an After School Class, and you would like to request assistance, please download Financial Need Application off the school website, under the PTA – After School section or contact Mrs. Jenny Rule, principal at: jennifer.rule@lcps.orgRennea Butler at or Wendy Love at  There are also hard copies of this form in both English and Spanish in the school office.ASP FInancial Assistance Form
Since some classes fill quickly, if you plan on seeking financial assistance, submit your class registration form immediately, pending approval of your financial need application with Mrs. Rule.  All information is kept strictly confidential.  Eligible children are entitled to take one (1) class per session.