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Welcome to Chemistry!
Ms. Nichols
My name is Ms. Tracy Nichols and I have been teaching at Briar Woods since 2011.  I received my BS in Chemistry from James Madison University as well as my MAT in Secondary Education from James Madison University.  I am a graduate of Loudoun County HS therefore I am very familiar with LCPS.  I enjoy reading, being outdoors, watching movies, and being with my family.
Chemistry is a course that covers the basic concepts, skills, and values of chemistry developed through lessons, demonstrations, and laboratory work.  Concepts such as atomic structure and bonding, matter and its behavior, stoichiometry, kinetics, thermodynamics and equilibrium are developed throughout the course. Skills in scientific measurements, formula writing, chemical equations and chemical calculations are developed along with skills in the proper use of laboratory equipment.
In chemistry, everything builds on itself. NOTHING EVER GOES AWAY IN CHEMISTRY! Therefore, if you are starting to struggle in class, you need to see me right away.  I am available before school (I arrive around 8 am) and I am available after school by appointment only.
This year in Chemistry, we will be using Vision to complete some assignments and to take some tests and/or quizzes.  The website for my Vision page is found HERE.   All students in my class have access to Vision.  Check the syllabus given in class and posted under the course tab for dates of upcoming Vision assignments.  Check the Vision page for upcoming due dates and for the notes/handouts that might have been missed.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please EMAIL ME.  You can also contact the school during school hours (9:00-4:00).
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Ms. Nichols