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Assignments-to-Facebook Interface
Creating an online Agenda
Facebook Agenda
More and more Broad Run students are spending time on social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook and MySpace. Unfortunately, their academic interests and responsibilities are not adequately represented on those sites. Although Broad Run does not take a position in support of or against social networking sites per se, it does recognize an opportunity to bridge our students' academic worlds with their social. Consequently, we are providing the means for dynamically feeding homework and other assignment information directly from our faculty web pages to Facebook.

Broad Run's teacher pages have the ability to create dynamic RSS feeds containing each teacher's assignments and homework information. Serendipitously, a number of Facebook application developers have created "apps" which take these RSS feeds and summarize them on the student's Facebook page. All that is required is—
  • The teacher post assignments on her/his website Assignments pages (the teacher does not need a Facebook account)
  • The student has an active Facebook account and launches one of the available RSS applications (we recommend using the app called RSS-Connect)
The Facebook app installation typically takes only seconds. Although we've tested the recommended RSS-Connect app for this solution, please keep in mind that you install these applications at your own risk and Broad Run is not responsible for the content of any non-BRHS feeds you select or for any damage which may occur to your computer or electronic devices.

Below are the steps for installing the RSS-Connect app. This procedure presumes you already have a Facebook account. If you do not already have an account and wish to take advantage of this solution, we strongly recommend you discuss participation in social networking accounts with your parents before you create a Facebook account. Also, remember that Facebook cannot be accessed from a school computer, and doing so — even to take advantage of this homework solution — constitutes a violation of LCPS rules and disciplinary action may result. Therefore you must install RSS-Connect and access Facebook from your personal computer.

Tutorial Video

  1. From a non-school computer, log in into your Facebook account and go to to obtain the RSSConnect application (or you can just search for "RSS-Connect"). If you are not interested in using RSS-Connect, feel free to search Facebook for other suitable apps using the general search term "RSS feeds".

  2. Click on the Go to Application button on the upper right side of the app page. Next click on the Allow button.

  3. Review the display options; we suggest Personal Tab. Hover over each for information about them.

  4. Enter "BRHS Agenda" in the Blog/RSS description field (or, if you want to be fancy, enter "BRHS Agenda" exactly as it appears here without the quotation marks). Then enter the required information in the feed setup fields (see image below). For this step you will need to access information from your teacher's Assignments page (the one with the orange RSS botton on it), therefore we suggest you open the teacher's page in a separate browser tab or window so you can toggle between them.
    RSSConnect Feed Setup
    To obtain the URL for each of the Assignments RSS feeds, go to your teacher's Assignments page and click on the orange RSS Feed button in the upper left corner ( RSS Feed). This opens another page on which the URL for the feed can be found; it is directly below the sentence, "
    If you are comfortable with adding RSS feeds manually, below is a URL to the RSS feed."


    Copy and paste this URL (not the example above, but from the BRHS website) into the RSS-Connect URL field.

  5. Complete the Title field by entering the class' name (e.g "English 12" or even just "English"). Enter a five-letter abbreviation for the class in the Tag field, such as "ENG12" or "MATH".

  6. Complete each feed's information by going back to the Assignments page for each class you want to have homework posted and obtain the RSS URL. Not all teachers use the Assignments page, so you may not be able to feed assignments for all of your classes to Facebook. At this time RSS-Connect allows a maximum of five feeds (other apps may provide more).
  7. Click on Update when finished.

  8. Return to your Facebook page and click on Profile and you should see a newly-added My Blog/RSSAccessing Settingstab.

  9. Hover your mouse over Settings on the menu bar and select Application Settings. Then click on Edit Settings for RSS-Connect on the Applications Settings page.

  10. The Edit RSS-Connect Settings box will pop up. Click on its Profile tab and click on Add for the Tab option (or check out the Box option if you wish). You should also select your privacy settings as well.
    Edit RSS-Connect Settings

    1. When you return to your Facebook Profile, click on the MyBlog/RSS tab and the online version of your Agenda will appear. You can change your settings from this page any time, including how often Facebook will update your homework information.

      "Facebook" is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc All rights reserved.