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We are excited about the upcoming school year.  A very important piece of information for all students and parents is transportation.  Bus routes and bus numbers sometimes change.


The most recent routes and bus numbers can be found at:  (bus routes).  We encourage you to periodically check this web site for changes.  Please take time to review the bus routes and identify your stop.


It is a good idea for new students to Harper Park to walk to the actual bus stop prior to the first day of school, to reduce stress and anxiety.  Students should be at their bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.

In addition to the bus routes, we also want to provide rules for the bus, which will help ensure a safe passage for everyone.  Please review these rules with your children prior to the first day of school.  Bus drivers and school administrators can assign seats to any student.  In depth bus rules can be found on the same web site listed above. 


1.      Be at your bus stop five minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time.

2.      Never run to or from the bus.

3.      Do not push or shove while boarding or unloading from the bus.

4.      Always remain in your seat, facing forward.

5.      No eating or drinking while on the bus.

6.      Keep head and arms inside the bus at all times.

7.      Do not throw anything in the bus or out of the bus window. (Federal law)

8.      Always listen and obey the driver.

9.      Do not yell, scream or shout while riding in the bus. 


When students follow all of these rules, everyone will have a safe trip to and from school. In addition, we are asking for parents’ support and assistance at the bus stops.  Specifically, students identified the bus stop as an area of concern with regard to bullying and they enjoy having parent supervision.  (Believe it or not!)  If parents are visible and take an active role with their child at the bus stop, incidents of bullying decrease dramatically. 


Lastly, we want to remind students and parents that riding the bus is a privilege.  If a student chooses to NOT follow the rules of the bus, disciplinary action may be taken which may include suspension of bus privileges and/or suspension from school.  In cases where students endanger themselves and others or are in violation of a law, such as throwing items from the bus window at other people or cars, the school resource officer will be notified and charges may be filed.  We hope all students choose to follow the bus rules and have a safe and pleasant ride to school.   


Last Modified on September 12, 2012