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Welcome to 5th Grade!
2016-2017 5th Grade Liaison Team
Judy Bannerton & Crista Kelly,

What does the 5th Grade Liaison Team do?
We will be working together to help this year’s 5th grade students raise money for their end of year celebration (party),  t-shirts and their mural gift to the school. Donate TODAY!
Why raise money for the end of year party and school gift? 
The end of the year party is a way for the kids to informally celebrate their passage through elementary school. Through various activities and events, the students will be given the opportunity to earn funds for their end of year party and their middle school t-shirt.  As 5th graders, our students are looked upon as leaders. Working to raise the money for this reward will be a valuable life lesson. 
How will we, the parents, find out about the activities and volunteer opportunities?
In the coming months, we will be sending out Sign-up Genius emails for volunteers and students to sign up for the various events. If you wish to be kept informed of what is going on with the 5th Grade Liaison Team, please join our facebook group, KWC  5th Grade Class -  2016-2017 and check out this page frequently. fill out the PTO email form and make sure you indicate that you want your email address to be shared with the 5th grade liaison team. 
When will these events and activities occur? 
Some of these activities will be during school hours, but many will be after hours. This means, we will need student and parent volunteers in order to make the event/activity successful. More detailed information on the fundraising events and activities will come out once we have a firm PTO/School schedule. 

Activities and Events

The Croc Shop – 7:30am – 7:50am, on Thursday's. One member of the Liaison Team will be monitoring the operation of the Croc Shop while 5th grade students operate the shop. Students volunteering in the Croc Shop should know how to make change and how to count it back to the customer.
Here are some websites that explain counting back change:
Hamilton Day Parade: The Culbert 5th graders are invited to participate in the Hamilton Day Parade with a float. Items/people needed: parents and students to help decorate the float, trailer and/or vehicle for the float, parent to drive the float, parents to walk the parade route to ensure safety; decorations are usually paid for out of the 5th grade fund.
5th Grade end of year celebration (party): We will need several parents to volunteer to be chaperones for the party. More details regarding the party will be sent out later in the year. In past years the classes have had a pool party and a skating rink party. Disclaimer: This is NOT a school sponsored event.
Liaison gift to the students:  It has been a tradition that the 5th Grade Liaisons purchase middle school spirit wear t-shirts for the students. These shirts will be purchased with funds raised by the 5th grade class. Students that will be attending Blue Ridge MS will receive Blue Ridge shirts and those attending Harmony MS will receive Harmony’s shirts.
End of the year Promotion Ceremony:  The 5th grade class will have a Promotion Ceremony toward the end of the year. This ceremony is sponsored by the school and is followed by a reception where refreshments will be served. Traditionally, 4th grade students and their parents serve refreshments at the reception.

Here are the fundraisers planned for 2016/2017:

·      The Croc Shop- a store the fifth grade students and a parent volunteer manage throughout the year.  Students have an opportunity to purchase a variety of cute trinkets, as they arrive to school in the morning.

                  Volunteer to help:

·       The Fifth Grade Team will be selling pizza and concessions during the fall’s Monster Mash.

·       The Fifth Grade Team will be selling concessions at the 4th/5th grade basketball game in January.

·      We will be selling Valentine-grams in February with a Valentine’s Day theme.  Students/parents can purchase this for a student/teacher/or class and will be distributed at the end of the day on Valentine’s Day. 

Last Modified on October 5, 2016