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Technology Infrastructure


In order to ensure a scheduled parity of equipment between older schools and newer schools, Loudoun County Public Schools supports a computer/network/peripheral hardware refresh on a four year cycle ensuring that all students, no matter what school they attend, have the same opportunities and access to resources. The refresh is based on a hardware model that is reviewed annually. Each new and refresh school is equipped following that model and receive the most current equipment with each four year cycle.



The selection and use of software for the instructional computers is guided by a review and procurement process in which Loudoun County has three matrices of software: an elementary, middle, high school. In addition, schools may purchase software from an Approved-for-School-Purchase matrix for which the county provides technical support and professional development.


Selecting the appropriate educational software whether locally-installed or ASP-delivered falls under the guidelines established through the Software Review and Procurement Process in which software is studied in regards to its

  • research-based evidence of effectiveness;
  • alignment with the Virginia Standards of Learning;
  • suitability for students' needs and learning styles;
  • total cost of purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading hardware and software

The software review and procurement process allows anyone in the district to request a review of software. Titles are vetted through a committee of teachers and curriculum supervisors to assess the instructional need and the software’s potential to impact student learning. If software is reviewed positively, tests are conducted to ensure that the software will work well within the images and configurations created for the elementary, middle, and high school machines.


Last Modified on August 16, 2011